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What Our Clients say

It’s always a wonderful feeling when the work you have done is appreciated and specially by the one for whom you have worked. That’s the Ultimate Goal every Photographer has for his every single assignment and I was lucky enough to have Friends, Yes I call them friends as they are more than just a client who went of the way to appreciate my work done for them and others as well.

Here are few of the good words said in appreciation by all these wonderful friends who are now an extended family for me.. Thanks a lot Friends. 

Ashwini & Ravi

“I was eagerly waiting for this moment to express my gratitude to Anand – Best Photographer I ever met. So here it goes…

Photo is a beautiful precious memory that is captured by lens once and can be treasured for a lifetime..!! 🙂 From childhood, I was under great influence of this beautiful art called photography. I always wanted to treasure every small beautiful moment, I like to capture and cherish forever. 😇 I have really dreamed that my life’s wonderful moments should be captured perfectly, everything should be so real that when I look back at the pics I could be able to live the moment again. And my dream came true by this perfectionist Anand Jadhav.

He is really one of the finest photographers I ever came across. His attitude thought process, vision, and skills to capture the clicks makes him unique. The way he looks at the frame, people and background while taking clicks is just outstanding. We enjoyed every photo shoot with Anand. Our pre-wedding photo shoot was really a grand success.🥳 I will say that Anand taught us how to live and enjoy the moment when you are being clicked. Me and my partner are really thankful for this as this we will follow in our further journey always 😀 He always says that it’s never about your costumes, jewelry or external appearance, you should just enjoy & live the moment, rest I will take care 🤟

He really taught us to live in the moment. The pre-wedding photoshoot is really a wonderful dream came true, Anand really did an extremely outstanding job and clicked best photos, it’s awesome memory for a lifetime 🙃😇🥳Wedding Day, Big Day of our life.🤩 Anand captured awesome pics of our wedding as well. I was actually really relaxed and pretty sure that when Anand is taking pics, they are simply gonna be perfect.

Really Anand, huge thanks to you for capturing beautiful pics of us and making this awesome memory for the lifetime. Waiting to explore more photoshoots with you.

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Rohan & Rutuja

“आनंद जाधव” Photography बस नाम ही काफी है….

लग्न पार पडल्यावर काय होते ? विशेषत: बारात गेल्यानंतर काय होते?? थकवा, उसने आणलेले शारीरीक, मानसीक, सामाजीक आणि आर्थीक अवसान गळून पडते. मनालाही एक रितेपणा येतो. तो समारंभ डोळ्यासमोर असतो पण तो Replay थोडाच होणार आहे. बरं आपण घाईत असतो, अनेकांना भेटलोही नसतो. अशावेळी एकचं नाव आठवतं, आनंद जाधव…आणि आपण त्यांना सळोकीपळो करुन सोडतो…. “दे रे देsssssरे CD अल्बम…”

आनंद जाधव ने केलेल्या Wedding Album ला मला एकच शब्द योग्य वाटतो ” भरजरी “!!

आनंद (आणि टीम) आधी काही मिटींग घेऊन Theme समजावून घेतात, Venue कुठं आहे, प्रकाश कसा, किती आहे, Mob किती असेल, Space किती असेल, Dynamic व Stationary Activities किती असतील, त्याप्रमाणे आराखडा त्यांच्या मनात, नियोजनात तयार होतो. आनंद जाधव यांच्या वागण्यात इतका मोकळेपणा, Friendliness आहे ते घरचे सदस्य कधी झाले ते आम्हालाही कळले नाही, त्यामुळे वधू ही at Ease झाली, फोटोज Natural व तणावरहीत आले. समारंभात आम्ही बिझी होतो, आनंद व टीम फिरत होते, Angles व उस्फूर्तत: कैद करत होते, *क्षणांना अमरत्व देत होते*, आमचं लक्ष नव्हतं. आजही मी Album पहातो, शहारुन जातो, बेहद् खूष होतो. मुलगी-जावयाचा एक फोटो तर दिवाळीअंकाच्या मुखपृष्ठावर शोभावा इतका देखणा, कलात्मक आणि अभिजात आलाय.

तर, Event photography करनी है तो आनंद जाधव !!
Well, आजकाल Corporate World मधे descriptive गोष्टी चालत नाहीत, Pointer असतो, Rating असतात, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) असतो. ठीक आहे. आम्ही खालील गोष्टी विचारात घेऊन Rating देतोय.
1. Technical Soundness (Cameras, Tools, Batteries)
2. Planning
3. Punctuality
4. Art
5. Professionalism / Respecting the Privacy
Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

Thank you, Anand, for being part of our function, And Thanks for making moments immortal !!
Rajesh and Meetali Morankar

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Mangesh & Sheetal

“We had Anand for my brother-in-laws wedding and he accepted to cover in short notice. Anand’s work is amazing and in the end, it was like a family and his team was gelled with all our relatives.

We admire him for his professionalism and quality of work to cherish the memory of the day for years looking at those photos.

I must say Anand and team ensure that they become a part of the celebration and capture those moments with their lenses.

Thanks, Anand for accepting on short notice and now friend forever, looking ahead to work with you in the future as well and wish you all the success in personal and professional life.”

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Gaurav & Snehal

“आनंद यांची फोटोग्राफी नुसती फोटोग्राफी नसून सप्तरंगी स्टोरी असते, ज्यात जे जे capture केलेलं असत ते ते सगळंच जगा वेगळं पण मनाला भावेल असच असत.

फोटो एकदम फ्रेश आणि तावना करून वेगळ्याच विश्वात घेऊन जाणारा असतो , जसा एखादा कादंबरीकार बेमालूम पणे शब्दांची चादर पसरवून डोळ्यासमोर चित्र उभं करतो तसं, अगदी तसच !

न-रहावता मोबाइलमधले फोटो सतत बघायला प्रवृत्त करणारी Creative फोटोग्राफी .
A truly friendly talkative person with full of patience…..

Thank You Anand….
असेच फिट राहा, हिट राहा 😎”

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Aditi & Pranjal

“We had evaluated many photographers to cover our wedding and had not found one that met our requirements with reasonable fees. However, Anand sir and his team handled our event well. There, also, had been few last-minute changes which he conformed with and he himself took the initiative to get some additional photography for our benefit when time allowed. He was thorough with his instructions and made it easy for all of us to handover complete responsibility of capturing our memories for our special days.”  – Aditi

“One of the most flexible and down-to-earth photographer and the team I have come across. As long as the client is clear about what type of photos and backgrounds they need. Anand sir will deliver excellent high-def memories in time that would certainly exceed expectations of all viewers.” – Pranjal

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Abhimanyu & Pratiksha

“Anand was the photographer for my friend’s wedding and I had already seen his work. So he was the first person I contacted for my wedding. At first, I was a bit tensed about all this photography thing but Anand and his team did a phenomenal job. They captured all the moments so perfectly that I was totally stunned after seeing the images. Thank you so much, Anand and his team. I am totally satisfied with their work. I definitely recommend him for any photography assignments. All the best to him and his team.”  – Abhimanyu

“Abhimanyu and I were lucky to find Anand for capturing moments that will be with us for a lifetime! We absolutely loved not only the photos and videos but his professionalism and dedication towards his work. Anand captured 5 of our events and we were all comfortable with him right from the first event. He made himself acquainted with all our family members and friends. We would definitely recommend Anand Jadhav.” – Pratiksha

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Kiran & Omkar

“We had Anand and his team cover my wedding as well as my brother’s wedding. I must say we were lucky to have him capture beautiful memories that we can cherish life long. Excellent work by him and his team. Anand is quite professional and flexible at his work. It is true that you need to invest correctly in the photographer than the decorations and the venue as it depends on the photographer how to cover it. At last, we have photos and videos to refer to after years of the event to remember the event.

He gels up with people so well that even camera conscious people get comfortable while clicking the pictures. Thanks to Anand and the team once again for the beautiful clicks and videos. He is one of the best photographers I have known. Keep up the good work. ” 😊

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Vijay & Priti

“Anand Jadhav Sir and team, Where do we start?

I have written this email a million times and I can’t find any more words that can explain how we feel.

You captured our day exactly how we remember it, all the smiles, all the silly faces and all of the tears. We can’t thank you enough for how much you put into our day and we are so happy with all of our beautiful photos. From start to finish it really feels like our story and we couldn’t be happier. You didn’t stop making both Matt and I laugh all day and this was so important because as you know we were both super nervous!

You are so different from any photographers we have seen because you capture real people with real expressions and that’s why we love you guys.”

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Suyash & Monisha

“Best decision of hiring you for our marraige. Sound knowledge of photography. Team Anand captures amazing candids. Takes perfect angle shots. You look better in photos clicked by Anand😁 than the actual you😝. In all, a go to guy, professionally and personally. keep the good work going, all the best👍🏻”  – Suyash

“Anand and his team were extremely observant and did a great job in capturing our candids beautifully. Not just us but he captured all the memories with our family members too in his frame.
I loved his concept shots and the storyline. Cannot thank him and his team enough for capturing these memories wonderfully which I’m sure will take us to a flashback whenever we go through our albums.. 😄”- Monisha

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Mayur & Poonam

“I can’t even imagine how you managed to click such romantic and dramatic shots.

Literally die-hard fan of yours after working with you. Such a lovely experience. Actually I am still extremely satisfied with your clicks.

Ek number vishaych nahi dada tumcha. Full respect. And thanks alot for wonderful memories that you have provided ” 😊

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Siddhant & Priya

“Anand Jadhav Photography – We loved your work and your professionalism.

The selection of places and your dedication to taking the pictures no matter how many take we may want is appreciated and thanks for drawing a lot of memories in our life!

You are one of the best we have met!! Keep up the best work!”

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Pallavi & Kashyap

“Being a lawyer I would like to put it this way, that the basic proof of being married are the wedding photos. But when they are clicked by Anand Jadhav he captures not only evidence for the event rather he becomes the author of the Romantic Tale.

Me & Kashyap after choosing each other as companion for life are happy we chose Anand to be our story teller.!!

Technicalities are not understood by me, but surely his photos clicked me!!”

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Anup & Dhanashree

“Hey Anand, u was a right man to cover my wedding. Thank you so much for doing amazing job.

From pre-wedding shoot to wedding ceremony so perfectly and beautifully u had done. I and Dhanashree loved the way you were so subtle in taking great shots. I would like to thank you for patience and total professionalism you had shown in wedding ceremony. Again many many Thanks!!”

Simply fabulous….every photograph clicked is one of the best.

You cannot just select one of d best click in your album. What are candids is aptly defined by u Anand..”

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Ashwini & Rohit

“This is our second review for Anand.

Anand’s got an amazing eye for capturing moments and his talent speaks for itself. He has captured some really stunning shots on our big day that take us back to the moments every time we look at our wedding pictures. His work is wonderful.

Each and every emotion, the laughter, the love the tears were captured perfectly. All the events and the rituals were covered beautifully in all sort of possible angles. He is professional yet friendly. Anand is really energetic and patient with all our shot demands.

Our wedding pictures are creatively candid. Thanks Anand for giving us a great record of our special day.”

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Sai & Nikhil

“Anand is an incredibly talented artist who made both our pre-wedding and wedding photographs look like they were straight from a magazine.

Our wedding days were magical and the photos reflect that. Anand is also very friendly and down to earth person.

He is very flexible and easy to work with and makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Can’t write enough praises.”

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Aniruddha & Aditi

“Anand shot my Wedding and how! For me the pics are like music that grows on you over time. The more you see them, the more you like! You can introduce him as your friend and your family will trust your word in few moments as he gels with the people around. The pics are clicked utmost naturally,capturing the emotions beautifully and cutting the noise!

See it to Believe it!”

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Manoj & Jayashree

“Highly recommended ! Anand can work in any circumstances without losing his patience. During our wedding the temperature was 44 degrees still the pics are as expected- Amazing.

He is a photographer with ‘right’ attitude. Polite and professional at same time. Trust him. Follow his suggestions blindly. We are more than happy with our wedding photographs.

Thanks Anand for wonderful memories.”

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Prashant & Darshita

“Being  photography enthusiasts ourselves, we were very keen on having a contemporary and artistic angle to our wedding photos. We had known Anand from internet photography community – Flickr.

This guy has graduated to be a fantastic fashion photographer within no time. In fact I had hidden the fact from my fiancée that Anand was appointed to do a pre-wedding and wedding shoot for us. She was awestruck and delighted after I told her about this.

His impeccable eye of capturing innovative images made our wedding moments more special. This is something we will treasure whole of our life.

Thanks a zillion Anand for making us feel and look special. We wish you grand success in your photographic career. May all your dreams come true, God Bless !”

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Sandeep & Namrata

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone what a fabulous photographer Anand is. Anand is professional and makes everyone comfortable around him.

I was searching for a good photographer when I saw his page on Facebook, I instantly decided to call him and set a meeting with him.

I got married on 27th June, the day was made special by Anand who perfectly captured the important moments during ceremony.

On the day of marriage, he smoothly captured moments without getting noticed. My overall experience was awesome and I am sure it would be more awesome during future assignments.

Cheers and Keep it up.”

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Kalyani & Ashish

“Pictures are something that help us cherish the big and small events in our lives. The expressions, the overload of emotions, and the feelings all need to be captured perfectly in one click to bring a picture worth looking at a thousand times.

To make a picture that worthwhile effortlessly is quite a task. I cannot stress enough on the word ‘effortless’ because amidst the hustle-bustle and exhaustion of a wedding, one can hardly look perfect and keep a smile on the face all the time.

Anand captured all the moments without even letting us feel we were being clicked. We did not have to pose or try hard to make the picture look good. It was his camera and his magic that made us look perfect! Needless to say we love his work. Thank you Anand! These pictures are going to help us relive our big day again and again.”


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Shuchi & Aditya

“You are the Best!!

I absolutely adored each and every photo you have taken.. You have given us memories worth cherishing for life and I could not have asked for a better photographer!!

Thank you so much!! “

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Vishal Patil

“Amazing photography. Made memories for lifetime.

My family will always remember those moments and especially my son…

Every time we see the photographs we live those beautiful moments again…. Thanks Anand!!!”

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Raunak & Disha

“Anand, is a very nice photographer.

He makes you feel very comfortable. His expertise in photography is clearly evident in our wedding photographs. 🙂

Anand, thank you for capturing the entire wedding so beautifully.”

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Santosh & Pallavi

“Thanks for capturing beautiful memories… 🙂

Also early morning of new year 2014 shoot was awesome. You know the perfect moment to click, keep it as going.

Wish you all the best”

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Vishal & Neha

“A lifetime of memories and compliments thanks to Anand Jadhav who made us so look so good!

Always indebted to you Anand!”

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Prachee & Piyush

“We consider ourself very lucky to have Anand to cover the big day. He makes you very comfortable and gets natural poses out of you.

Photo print quality is awesome. Thanks once again.”


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Stephen & Poornima

“You are undoubtedly a prolific photographer.A very special Thanks for the lovely moments that you have captured.

We loved it. Thanks a Lot !!!”

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Gautam & Shweta

“Choosing a wedding photographer is the most important part of a wedding. (Next to choosing a life partner ) Because you will either curse him or praise him throughout your life.

We are glad that Anand covered the most important day of our life! Anand captures all the important moments beautifully. You don’t have to tell him what to capture, he knows what is important for you. And when you look at the final result, you will be proud of your choice.

Hope to have many more photo shoots with you Anand.”

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Snehal & Sagar

“I cannot express how amazing of a photographer Anand is. I have known Anand for some time and having seen his awesome work, I had decided that I’ll get my precious life event moments – ‘the wedding’, captured by this individual. Looking back on how awesome the photos came out, it was one of the best decisions we made that day.

Anand truly is an artist and he really goes above and beyond for his couples. He is a professional who will put you at complete ease on your wedding day.

If you are looking for amazing, unique wedding photos that will leave you speechless, Anand is your man!”

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