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Frequently Asked Questions

First Hand Information

Based on our experience over the years, we’ve compiled a list of most commonly asked questions by wedding clients.
If you have a question that isn’t included here, feel free to drop a message.

Q. Where are you guys based? Do you travel for wedding assignments?
A. We are primarily based in Pune. But we do travel across the length and breadth of India.
We have covered weddings as far north as Kashmir to the southern tip of Kerala & Tamil Nadu. We have covered weddings of almost every tradition & culture that’s based in India.
We love travelling, meeting new people & making new friends.
We do it day in and day out and love it absolutely.

Q.How do we arrange your travel & accommodation for outstation assignments?
A. We are non-fussy about our travel and accommodation. Just provide us a decent travel along with a decent accommodation, and we are good to go.
It can be planned mutually based on the logistics availability.
We can book our own transport & accommodation & you can reimburse it OR you can do it for us as per your convenience.

Q.What is your style of photography? 
A. Well that’s a tough question to answer because style is very subjective.
Ours is primarily a Candid/Photo-journalistic style or what we called it “Creative Artistic Documentary” of taking pictures by creating a photo story out of the entire wedding event in its own natural way without losing the essence of the moment to be captured.
What we do is a combination of different styles – and it depends on the moment and what we’re aiming to achieve.
Wedding photography evolves every day and we need to align to it accordingly.
We also do take elegant non-cliché posed pictures on weddings, which are aligned with our Photo-journalistic approach to photography by using different angles, lighting techniques & new experimental approaches.

Q.Do you do only Candid photography or do you provide traditional photography too?
A. We do provide traditional photography & videography along with Cinematic wedding films. We have good in-house team who shoot with the best equipment’s & are trained by us. It’s our goal & the utmost primary objective to provide you with quality services in all that we provide.

Q.How do we meet you or set up a meeting in case if we are not in Pune? 
A. Most of our clients (read couples) are based out of Pune (Some in other cities & some even in other countries). Most of our initial communication happens over Emails, Phone calls or messages, were we exchange the briefing about almost everything to understand the exact requirements.
We always try to have a personal interaction with the couples in person if they are travelling to Pune sometime or then over video call options. And trust me this helps to a great extent.

Q.Do you photograph portraits and family group photos?
Yes. Covering a wedding event won’t be complete without capturing some lovely portraits & family group shots.

Q.How much in advance do we need to book you?
It really depends on the date you’re getting married. Many times we get booked almost year before the wedding date. Especially during the peak season when we have multiple enquiries that are made. If we are booked out on a date, we don’t take on other clients. Hence it’s always better to book us as early as possible. It’s always on the first come first basis. 
We do take up last minute bookings too in case if we are free for that particular date. So do check with us anyways.

Q.How do we book you? How do we pay the booking amount?
A. We only consider a wedding date booked, when you have payed a minimum of 50% of the amount of the package in advance.
Any verbal/email communication without an advance being paid does not stand valid.
If you have verbally asked us to hold a date & in case if we have other enquiries for the same date, we will intimate you, before we give out the date to someone else.

Q.What kind of equipment do you use?
A. We primarily shoot on Canon & Nikon system. Rest assured, we use the best lenses and cameras available in their line-up. But we always believe that it’s the eye behind the camera that matters then the tool used to execute it. That is what separates us from the rest of the crowd.

Q.Who edits the photographs you take? 
A. We do it ourselves do for a very simple reason. Anyone else but us editing the images makes more sense as we understand the story, the emotions and the situation behind every picture & hence that has to be reflected into the edits too. It has to be more of a personal process then mechanical one.

Q.By when do we get to see the memories & moments, in the form of Final Product? 
We always treat every individual event & picture on its own merit. Because every event & every couple is different & unique in its own way.
Since these will be the memories that you will cherish forever for lifetime, we treat them equally with same care & love.
Ideally the turn around time for the final set of deliveries of soft copies is 3-4 weeks from the date of the event & 1 week for the print album after you select & shortlist the photos.

Q.What are the deliverable we get after you cover our wedding?
A. You get the following, depending on if its included in your package:
1) Candid Photography: A set of final edited soft copies in digital format, high resolution processed images (around 500).
2) Traditional Photography: All images in high resolution in digital format which are taken during the wedding. 
3) Pre-wedding shoot: A set of processed high resolution images, which can range from 20 to 50, depending on the kind of shoot that’s planned.
4) Traditional film: A final edited & mixed traditional wedding video.
5) Cinematic film: A cinematic wedding film of around 15-20 min length & a 5-6 min teaser.

Q.Do we get the RAW files? 
NO! You don’t!
You are paying us for our vision. So alow us do the heavy lifting.
We carefully select, shortlist & edit the final pictures & deliver it in the form of high resolution JPGS to create a memorable experience for you.
You enjoy the dish & don’t worry about the recipe.  

Q.Who does the copyright of all the images taken on the wedding day belong to?
 By general law, copyright of an image belongs to the person who takes it using his/her camera. In the case of wedding pictures that are paid for, there is shared copyright ownership of the photographs between the person clicking it & the person paying for the photographs.
You have the right to reprint the images, however you may not sell or use the images for commercial purpose or publish it without our consent.
Also we never use wedding pictures that we take for any other purpose other than showcasing our work on our website & social media. And there too, we use it with copyright watermarks.

Q.Do you provide us with wedding albums, prints, and other wedding related services? I would love to get everything under the same roof.
A. Yes, we do! We are a full service Wedding Media Company and will provide you everything under one roof. Get in touch with us, and let us know your detailed requirements and we will provide you a solution that you will love.